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The Lamb Center – Fairfax City

(Oct 21, 2019) Catherine Read talks with members of The Lamb Center‘s operations staff. Located in Fairfax City, they provide support services for those unhoused in the community or who struggle to afford basic services like hot meals, laundry services, a place to shower, a clothing closet, a nurse, and dental services. There are case workers on-site, a Chapel, and Bible Study is also offered.

The Lamb Center is open from 8 am to 3 pm Monday to Friday, and until 12:30 pm on Saturdays.

Evan Reyle City JobsIn the first segment, Catherine talks with John MacPherson, Executive Director, and Deacon Deb Haynes, Assistant Director of Case Management. In the second segment, she speaks with Operations Manager Evan Reyle and Philippe Mulowayi, a worker in the City Jobs program rolled out in November 2018. City Jobs is a partnership between Fairfax City and The Lamb Center and offers day work to those who are seeking employment doing projects around the City. The Vienna Patch did an in-depth piece on the program in August 2019.

The Lamb Center is celebrating its 27th year in the community serving those who need assistance. Over 100 churches have helped support the Center in some capacity since 2008. This is the year the location will move a short distance to a much larger building that will be able to serve more people in the area.

Find out more about The Lamb Center at www.TheLambCenter.org