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Faithful Servant Awards on Your Need to Know

(October 2, 2019) Catherine Read sits down with Bishop Kofi Adonteng Boateng of Divine World International Ministries to discuss the Faithful Servant Awards that will be given out at a special ceremony on October 26th at the Hilton Mark Center in Alexandria, VA.

In addition to his full time job of being an ordained minister, Bishop Boateng also serves as a police chaplain in Fairfax County. Originally from Ghana, the Bishop has worked hard since he has been in Virginia to familiarize himself with the community, and get to know people who keep his community safe. Several years ago, he invited some police officers to come speak at his church. His goal was to have the officers talk about safety, and give his congregants an overview of how to remain safe and vigilant.

Boateng was so impressed with the officer’s presentation, as it gave him a much better understanding of the police force and the role it serves its residents.  It was the beginning of a wonderful relationship, which has grown and blossomed over the years. He believes it is incumbent on citizens to get to know the officers in their community, as it is important to partner with them in order to keep communities safe.

In the news we often hear about police brutality, and instances where police are biased against minorities. Boateng wants people to know that he does not see it this way in Virginia. He sees police officers that put themselves in danger each and every day, in order to serve and protect everyone in their communities. He wanted to do something to recognize and celebrate the individuals who go above and beyond each and every day.

So, he established the Faithful Servant Awards in 2018. Officers from Fairfax County, Prince William County and Alexandria City will be recognized at the ceremony, which will be held on October 26th. His dream is to grow this program around the country, so that bridges can be built between communities and those who serve them. He is particularly interested in establishing programs like this in places where the relationships are not strong, like Chicago and Atlanta, as he believes that bringing people together is the best way for them to understand one another.

To learn more about the Faithful Servant Awards, you can find them online or on Facebook at

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