Creative Read, Inc. was founded in April of 2007 to answer the need of small businesses and individual professionals who needed help in using online tools for their marketing and business development.  Social Media technologies became a focus of an expanded strategy as they proliferated across the web and attracted millions of users worldwide.

Social Media is now an important pillar of any marketing and PR strategy. Increasingly, there are more people within organizations with the skill set necessary to create policy, strategy, metrics, systems and processes to manage multi-platform channels. There are constant changes to existing platforms and introductions of new ones regularly, and often this requires bringing in subject matter expertise on a consultant basis to help internal staff make necessary adaptations.

Advocacy, organizing and community outreach also rely on social media tools. Advances in the work of human rights around the globe has been fueled by the connections made through networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. While the platforms may change over time, the digital nature of communications is driven by the use of mobile devices in even the most remote areas of the world. Social media is simply a communications tool. And the effectiveness of any tool relies on the skill of those who use it.