The only constant is change.

Catherine launched Creative Read, Inc. in 2007 as a solo consultancy initially designed to help professionals leverage “online marketing” to grow their businesses. Then “social media” rose to predominate the marketing landscape, shape shifting as “new media” and “digital media” and all shades of gray in between. Catherine’s clients also expanded to include companies, associations, non-profits and political candidates/committees.



In 2022, it’s about civic engagement. Catherine works with human services organizations and non-profits on messaging, organizing, and legislative advocacy. Technology tools can be used effectively in communicating goals, building communities of interest, and influencing public policy. Movements of any kind require the ability to broaden the reach of the message, the ability to include more people in the effort, and the constant building of relationships with policy makers. Communities are increasingly more diverse in thought, experience and perspective and those voices need to be heard above the noise of the status quo. Inertia is a powerful forces and it requires tremendous effort to move forward.

Catherine has a deep and abiding love of books, ideas, interesting people, great conversations, inspiring endeavors and worthy causes. She takes photos of nearly everything because photos tell a story in a different way and there is joy in sharing them with others. She believes in the power of community and the ability of one person to make a difference.

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