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Glebe View in Fairfax City VA – Affordable Housing

 (Oct 4, 2021) Catherine Read talks with Andy Blomme, a member of the Fairfax Presbyterian Church, about the housing project known as Glebe View. Their church decided to provide a 99-year land lease for constructing ten townhouses on their parking lot to meet the needs of low-income families. Their initial Request for Proposals (RFP)…

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Wesley Housing with Shelley Murphy

(Sept 2, 2020) Catherine Read talks with Shelley Murphy, CEO of Wesley Housing. For over 40 years, Wesley Housing has been building and renovating properties to provide housing for low-income and at-risk families. Based in Alexandria, VA, they have projects throughout the Northern Virginia/DC region. Shelley has led the organization since 2007. The Housing Association…

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The Lamb Center – Fairfax City

 (Oct 21, 2019) Catherine Read talks with members of The Lamb Center‘s operations staff. Located in Fairfax City, they provide support services for those unhoused in the community or who struggle to afford basic services like hot meals, laundry services, a place to shower, a clothing closet, a nurse, and dental services. There are…

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Gay Rights Movement with Dale Brumfield

(January 23, 2019) Catherine Read sits down with Cultural Archeologist Dale Brumfield, to talk about the history of the Gay Rights Movement. Looking back to the administration of Dwight D. Eisenhower, Brunfield outlines the struggle faced by so many LGBTQ individuals, and the ongoing fight for equality. This year will mark the 10th year in…

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Fair Housing with Margaret Squires

(Dec. 19, 2018) Catherine Read interviews Margaret Squires, Fair Housing Coordinator, Fairfax County Office of Human Rights and Equity Programs. Their discussion focuses on fair housing, and how her office handles claims of fair housing discrimination in the county. The Office of Human Rights and Equity Programs handles discrimination complaints in fives different areas: housing, employment,…

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The Fight for Affordable Housing in Fairfax

(April 6, 2015) Catherine Read discusses Affordable Housing with Lisa Whetzel, the Executive Director of the non-profit Our Daily Bread, and with Ken McMillon of the Copmmunity Action Advisory Board. With numerous redevelopment projects in Fairfax City being presented for City Council approval, the issue of those displaced must be addressed.

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