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Trio 111 – Jake Sizemore

(Sep 9, 2019) A special edition of Inside Scoop featuring the band Trio 111: Jake Sizemore, Kevin Bull, and Shane Woldow. Trio 111 performs 4 original songs.

In between performances, Catherine Read talks with Jake’s parents, Rachna Sizemore Heizer and Craig Heizer, about the role his autism diagnosis has played in the development of his musical career. Rachna has been a long time advocate for a strength-focused curriculum for special needs children students in our public schools. Catherine first spoke with her about Jake’s musical and educational journey on Kitchen Table Conversations in May 2018Rachna is currently running for the Fairfax County School Board to take that advocacy to the next level in creating better education policy.

Catherine also talks with one of Jake’s teachers, Lake Braddock HS Choral Director Andrea Harmon. Jake is now a Junior at Lake Braddock and he has found a community of friends who support him and his music ambitions. Another important mentor for Jake and Trio 111 is School of Rock manager, Brian Highsmith. The band members all met at School of Rock and Trio 111 is actually named for the street address of the school.

The band members talk about how they carve out time to rehearse and perform at venues around the Northern Virginia area.