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Network NOVA with Katherine White

(Aug 15, 2022) Catherine Read talks with Katherine White, one of the founders of Network NOVA. This organization came together in 2017 following the Women’s March in Washington, DC. In only 70 days following that event, they launched the first Women’s Summit in June of 2017. They have hosted a Women’s Summit every year since…

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Decide & Conquer – David Siegel

(May 23, 2022) As business books go, this is a standout. The personality of the author David Siegel shines through and it’s an enjoyable read. He’s had an interesting career and writing this book is meant to be a gift to others. Even before I read his “Gratitude” in lieu of Acknowledgements at the end…

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Trio 111 – Jake Sizemore

(Sep 9, 2019) A special edition of Inside Scoop featuring the band Trio 111: Jake Sizemore, Kevin Bull, and Shane Woldow. Trio 111 performs 4 original songs. In between performances, Catherine Read talks with Jake’s parents, Rachna Sizemore Heizer and Craig Heizer, about the role his autism diagnosis has played in the development of his…

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Ben Tribbett: Democratic Wins in the House of Delegates – Inside Scoop

(Jan 15, 2018) Catherine Read talks with political analyst Benjamin Tribbett about the 2017 House of Delegates races here in Virginia. There were a number of contested races with close recounts in several districts, with the control of the House coming down to race in which a tie was declared and the winner’s name drawn…


GrandInvolve – Retired Seniors Volunteering in the Classroom

(July 10 2017) Catherine Read talks about the non-profit GrandInvolve with staff and a volunteer from Crestwood Elementary School in Springfield, VA. This program brings retired seniors into the classrooms of Title I schools in Fairfax County, VA. GrandInvolve recently received the 2017 Governor’s Community Organization Award for its work fighting ageism and furthering understanding…

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