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Fairfax County Meals Tax Referendum

(June 13, 2016) Catherine Read addresses a proposed referendum on the November 2016 ballot in Fairfax County to raise additional revenue through a countywide meals tax.

Guests include Kimberly Adams, President of the Fairfax Education Association addressing the need for this revenue to support the Fairfax County Public School System. Jim Corcoran, President of the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce speaks about the Chamber’s position against the proposed meals tax and why some local restauranteurs are actively campaigning against it. Braddock Supervisor John Cook, one of eight members of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors to vote for placing the referendum on November’s ballot, speaks passionately about the need for diversifying sources of revenues to fund our schools and other programs in the county. Supervisor Cook also explains the effect of Virginia being a “Dillon Rule” state and why cities are able to tax meals, cigarettes, alcohol and other items but counties in Virginia cannot.

What hangs in the balance is an estimated $100 million in new revenues that would be split 70% for school funding (primarily to close the teacher pay gap with surrounding school systems) and 30% for funding needed investment in public safety programs, social service programs and tax relief.

More information can be found at http://InvestInFairfax.org

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