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When We Walk By – Kevin Adler

Exclusion presumes unbelonging, but there is no Planet Homelessness from where our neighbors experiencing homelessness emerged. Homelessness is a homegrown problem. Most of our unhoused neighbors were once our housed neighbors — and family members, classmates and friends. It’s long past time that we start treating them as such. This book was left on my…

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Glebe View in Fairfax City VA – Affordable Housing

 (Oct 4, 2021) Catherine Read talks with Andy Blomme, a member of the Fairfax Presbyterian Church, about the housing project known as Glebe View. Their church decided to provide a 99-year land lease for constructing ten townhouses on their parking lot to meet the needs of low-income families. Their initial Request for Proposals (RFP)…

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Wesley Housing with Shelley Murphy

(Sept 2, 2020) Catherine Read talks with Shelley Murphy, CEO of Wesley Housing. For over 40 years, Wesley Housing has been building and renovating properties to provide housing for low-income and at-risk families. Based in Alexandria, VA, they have projects throughout the Northern Virginia/DC region. Shelley has led the organization since 2007. The Housing Association…

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Family PASS – Patricia Kearns – Your Need to Know

(Aug. 29, 2018) Catherine Read interviews Patricia Kearns, Executive Director of Family PASS (Preservation And Strengthening Services). The mission of Family PASS is to help families who are homeless, or are at risk of homelessness, in Fairfax County connect with the support services that they need to become self-sufficient. The work of Family PASS is…

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FACETS with Executive Director Joe Fay – Your Need to Know

(Apr. 4 2018) Catherine Read interviews Joe Fay, Executive Director of FACETS, a local nonprofit that touches and improves the lives of thousands of families every year. Founded in 1988 by Linda Wimpey it was orginally known as Fairfax Area Christian Emergency & Transitional Services, Inc, (FACETS). For the past 30 years, and with the…

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Community Lodgings of Alexandria, VA

(July 11, 2016) Catherine Read talks with the Executive Director of Community Lodgings, Lynn Thomas. This organization was established in 1987 in the City of Alexandria to provide transitional housing. Today, Community Lodgings’ mission is to lift families from homelessness and instability to independence and self-sufficiency through Transitional Housing, Affordable Housing and Youth Education Programs….

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The Fight for Affordable Housing in Fairfax

(April 6, 2015) Catherine Read discusses Affordable Housing with Lisa Whetzel, the Executive Director of the non-profit Our Daily Bread, and with Ken McMillon of the Copmmunity Action Advisory Board. With numerous redevelopment projects in Fairfax City being presented for City Council approval, the issue of those displaced must be addressed.

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