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Kyle McDaniel Resigns from Republican Party

(Jan. 29, 2018)  Catherine Read interviews Kyle McDaniel, who recently stepped down from his post as a member of the Republican State Central Committee. He submitted his public letter of resignation shortly after President Donald Trump made derogatory remarks about people from Haiti and African countries.

Kyle has been active in Fairfax County politics and policy, having worked as a top aid for Supervisor Pat Herrity and serving on local boards and commissions in the Fairfax County. He lives a life of service, having done mission work in Haiti through his church, and serving on local Rotary and Lions Clubs at home in West Springfield. His disdain for the President was evident, as he has felt like the GOP has lost its moral compass. He also believes that the current crop of GOP leaders is abandoning the core guiding values of conservative philosophy, which promotes smaller government. Kyle continues to see himself as a true conservative, and plans to stick to his principles as he moves forward with new endeavors as an Independent.

When asked about the future of the Republican Party, McDaniel asserts that until the party can become more inclusive, and realign itself to understanding the needs of the next generation, then the party will continue to shrink. He also feels that the blue wave seen in the November elections in Virginia should be an indicator to the state party that there is strong anti-Trump sentiment in the Old Dominion. In regards to the 2019 elections, he believes that the party whose voters are motivated to stay the most engaged and energized will fare the best in the off-off year elections (no Federal or Statewide candidates will be on the ballot; all 100 members of the House and 40 members of the Senate will be up for re-election).

McDaniel, 28,  is looking forward to taking a step back from politics and the public eye, and spending more time with his young family. He loves the community that he lives in, and through his work with the Rotary and Lions Clubs will dedicate his time and energy to things that will make his community a better place. In the future, he envisions himself working on promoting policies that help working families improve their quality of life, such as affordable childcare and affordable healthcare. He believes that Conservatives understand that businesses want a healthy economy and happy workers, so finding the intersection of these values will be important for future stability and growth of the community.

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