Paris in October

(October 2012) My husband Tom and I traveled to Paris in October for a week’s stay at the Hotel Observatoire Luxembourg, located on the left bank in the heart of the Latin Quarter near the Luxembourg Garden. We connected with friends from the states, Len and Betsy Homer, who have a flat nearby off the…

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Gaga Feminism: Sex, Gender and the End of Normal

(Oct. 22, 2012) This is a GREAT book! The author is a well respected academic who has also published as Judith Halberstam. A must read on so many levels because it is more than just about feminism. It’s about gender politics and why we need to rethink some of the institutions and ideas that really aren’t working…

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A Straight Ally: Traveling the Road toward Equality

(Sept. 22, 2012) On Monday evening at Oakton High School, I’m sitting on a panel: Being a Straight Ally for Equality to talk about what it means to advocate for LGBT issues as an openly heterosexual person. The event moderator, Christopher Schaffer, asked me to send him a bio that he could read to introduce me to…

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Marriage Equality – Standing on the Side of Love

(Feb. 14, 2012) Fairfax, VA. Valentine’s Day 2012 was a special one for Kären Rasmussen and Barb Brehm. They went to the Fairfax County Courthouse seeking a marriage license knowing full well they would be turned away. It was an opportunity to raise awareness about the fight for marriage equality in the Commonwealth of Virginia….

The Future of Housing

(Jan. 19, 2012) Cardinal Bank and George Mason University hosted their 20th Annual Economic Conference at the Ritz Carlton in Tyson’s Corner on Jan. 13, 2012.  It was a capacity crowd of 600 that required additional chairs in the ballroom. The speakers included the Washington Post‘s Neil Irvin, Dr. Stephen Fuller PhD of GMU, several…

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