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Gaga Feminism: Sex, Gender and the End of Normal

GAGA Feminism(Oct. 22, 2012) This is a GREAT book! The author is a well respected academic who has also published as Judith Halberstam. A must read on so many levels because it is more than just about feminism. It’s about gender politics and why we need to rethink some of the institutions and ideas that really aren’t working for the vast majority of us. I heard about this book in a presentation at George Mason University (part of the annual Fall for the Book) by Dean Spade, author of Normal Life (who is quoted in this book.)

Gender politics affect all of us and this is a good primer for reorienting our thinking by shifting our paradigm. It’s hard to see what isn’t there yet – especially when the view is blocked by what is familiar and accepted in our minds. It has opened my eyes to what our larger goals should be – especially when it comes to rights that are conferred simply because of an institutional construction called marriage. I highly recommend this!