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Closing the Slaughterhouse – Dale Brumfield

(Sept 5, 2022) Catherine Read talks with Dale Brumfield, author, and former Field Director for Virginians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty (VADP). Virginia became the first southern state to abolish the death penalty when Governor Ralph Northam signed HB2263 into law on March 24, 2021, at the Greenville Correctional Center. Closing the Slaughterhouse: The Inside…

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Holly Seibold – Founder of BRAWS

(Aug 22, 2022) Catherine Read talks with Holly Seibold, Founder of BRAWS: Bringing Resources to Aid Women’s Shelters, a non-profit established in 2015. BRAWS started as a direct services organization to meet the needs of women in area shelters with menstrual supplies, new bras, and underwear. Recognizing the lack of basic supplies to manage monthly…

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Virginia Menstrual Equity – Holly Seibold of BRAWS

(Jan. 3, 2018) Catherine Read interviews Holly Siebold, founder of Bringing Resources and Aid to Women’s Shelters (BRAWS), and Shaheen Khurama, head of the BRAWS Advocacy Committee. They are a non-partisan coalition, composed of groups and individuals with interest in menstrual equity. They believe that access to safe menstrual products is a matter of human…

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AARP – We Want to Know – Voter Engagement Program

(Oct. 11, 2017) Catherine Read talks with AARP Community Ambassador Berniece Courtenay about a new program called “We Want to Know” which was created to foster greater voter engagement. Virginia is one of only two states with an off-year Governor’s race in 2017. Along with Lt. Governor and Attorney General, there are also 100 seats…

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VA Governor Candidate Ralph Northam – NoVIE Forum Falls Church

(Sept 1 2017) Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam was the first gubernatorial candidate to speak at a forum hosted by The Northern Virginia Idea Exchange (NoVIE). This coalition is made up of non-profit leaders in the Northern Virginia area. This event was held on Friday, September 1st, as the first of two forums at the James…

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Emerge Virginia – Training Democratic Women Candidates – Inside Scoop

(Aug 21 2017) Catherine Read talks with Emerge Virginia Board Members the Hon. Kate Hanley and Atima Omara about this affiliate of Emerge America. Emerge Virginia is a program designed to recruit and train Democratic women who are interested in running for office – local offices as well as statewide and federal offices. They do…

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