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Britepaths (formerly Our Daily Bread – Fairfax)

(Aug. 8, 2016) Catherine Read welcomes Lisa Whetzel, Executive Director of Britepaths, to discuss the organization’s re-branding. On July 21st, the non-profit known as Our Daily Bread, Inc. – Fairfax for 32 years, announced the organization’s new name. The discussion around rebranding has taken place over the course of the last five years as it…

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The Fight for Affordable Housing in Fairfax

(April 6, 2015) Catherine Read discusses Affordable Housing with Lisa Whetzel, the Executive Director of the non-profit Our Daily Bread, and with Ken McMillon of the Copmmunity Action Advisory Board. With numerous redevelopment projects in Fairfax City being presented for City Council approval, the issue of those displaced must be addressed.


Our Daily Bread – Empty Bowls Event

(February 2014) Our Daily Bread, Inc. (ODB) in Fairfax, VA is a local non-profit that has been providing emergency assistance to residents of Fairfax City and County for 30 years. Each February we host a community event called “Empty Bowls” to raise money and awareness of food insecurity that exists among our neighbors. I’ve been…

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