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Dan Lagana – Fairfax County Democratic Committee

(Apr. 30, 2018) Catherine Read speaks with Fairfax County Democratic Committee Chairman Dan Lagana. Ninety days into his term, Lagana speaks about the upcoming primary elections, the grass roots effects of the Democratic blue wave washing over the commonwealth, and gerrymandering. He notes that his job as FCDC chair is to get Democrats elected to…


Vienna Jammers – David Reynolds, Jr.

(Apr. 25, 2018) Catherine Read interviews David Reynolds, Jr., Executive Director of Vienna Jammers, a percussion ensemble in the Vienna area with over 120 youth musicians aged 8-18. Their mission is to educate youth through unique percussion programs, provide a dynamic and diverse experience in the performing arts, nurture the creativity of every child, and…

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So Lim – Challenges of May Municipal Elections in Virginia

(April 18, 2018) Catherine Read, a former candidate for Fairfax City Council in 2012, talks with first time candidate So Lim about some of the challenges of running in a May election for local office. The walk list candidates use to determine whose door to knock on is based on who has voted in that…


Artificial Intelligence – Dr. Chakib Chraibi

(Apr. 13, 2018) Catherine Read interviews Dr. Chakib Chraibi, Dean of Computer Information Systems at Virginia International University, about the Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution. AI is defined as the ability of a machine to perform cognitive functions associated with the human mind, such as perceiving, reasoning, learning and problem solving. Dr. Chraibi speaks with Catherine…

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FACETS with Executive Director Joe Fay – Your Need to Know

(Apr. 4 2018) Catherine Read interviews Joe Fay, Executive Director of FACETS, a local nonprofit that touches and improves the lives of thousands of families every year. Founded in 1988 by Linda Wimpey it was orginally known as Fairfax Area Christian Emergency & Transitional Services, Inc, (FACETS). For the past 30 years, and with the…


Shelter House – Joe Meyer

(Apr. 2, 2018) Catherine Read interviews Joe Meyer, Executive Director and CEO of Shelter House, serving homeless families and victims of domestic violence in Fairfax County. Shelter House aims to break the cycle of homelessness by providing crisis intervention services, temporary housing and social services to promote self-sufficiency for their clients. He oversees the operations…

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