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Tickets for Kids on Your Need to Know

(Aug. 10, 2022) Catherine Read speaks with Rachel Simon, Regional Relationship Manager in the DC area for Tickets for Kids Charities.

The mission of Tickets for Kids is to provide at-risk children with experiences that inspire hope, dreams, and achievements for a lifetime. For children from low-income families, tickets for in-person events are often out of reach financially. Recognizing that this creates an experience gap with peers, Tickets for Kids gathers and then distributes free tickets to cultural, educational, and athletic events. Through partnerships with youth-serving organizations, tickets are given out for trips to museums, concerts, science centers, zoos, athletic events, and more.

The original organization was founded in Pittsburgh, PA, in 1994 by Susan Weiner. Over the years they have merged with similar organizations across the US to provide greater reach in local communities. In 2021, Tickets for Kids distributed more than 60,000 tickets in 25 states. Rachel currently has 5,000 tickets to Washington Nationals baseball games in the next two months and hopes to identify local youth-centered organizations with which to collaborate on getting them distributed. She is also working with local venues in the metro DC area to provide tickets for upcoming holiday events focused on Halloween and Holiday Light shows.

To find out more about donating tickets and also distributing them email; [email protected]

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