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When We Walk By – Kevin Adler

Exclusion presumes unbelonging, but there is no Planet Homelessness from where our neighbors experiencing homelessness emerged. Homelessness is a homegrown problem. Most of our unhoused neighbors were once our housed neighbors — and family members, classmates and friends. It’s long past time that we start treating them as such. This book was left on my…

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Formed Families Forward on Your Need to Know

(February 20, 2019) Catherine Read interviews Kelly Henderson and Dee Robinson-Rutkowski of Formed Families Forward (FFF). Their organization is dedicated to supporting foster, kinship and adoptive families of children and youth with disabilities and special needs.  They serve families, educators and child welfare professionals in the Northern Virginia area. Formed Families Forward is a non-profit…

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Supporting Foster Care Children and Families

(Dec 21, 2015) This show looks at the Foster Care system in Northern Virginia, the programs available to serve children and to support foster care parents as well as finding permanent families for children and adolescents. Guests from the Fairfax County Department of Family Services are Kamonya Omatete, Program Manager for the Foster Care and…

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