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Community Healthcare in Virginia – Dr. Basim Khan of Neighborhood Health

(Feb 19, 2018) Catherine Read talks with Dr. Basim Khan, Executive Director of Neighborhood Health, a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) located in Northern Virginia. Neighborhood Health was started in an apartment complex by nurses from the Alexandria Health Department back in 1997, becoming an FQHC in 2004. In their first year as a clinic,…

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American and Muslim – Inside Scoop

(Aug. 15, 2016) Catherine Read speaks with a journalist, physician, educator and lobbyist about what it means to be an American and a Muslim in today’s current political climate. She is joined by media producer Naskah Zada of Middle East with Naskah Zada; Basim Khan, MD, the Executive Director of Neighborhood Health; Atif Qarni an…

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