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Remembering Teddy Goodson

(August 2014) Theodora “Teddy” Goodson was iconic in Northern Virginia for both her success and longevity as a local Realtor, and also for her passion for politics.

She was the listing agent on a home I purchased in Fairfax City in 2000 and the buyer’s agent for the condo we purchased at Providence Square in 2011. I knew, admired and loved Teddy for her passionate commitment to the progressive values of the Democratic Party. A former Republican at one point in her life, she worked tirelessly in supporting campaigns, issues and causes close to the hearts of the liberals she ran with. She was one of the founding members of The Brigades, which was instrumental in electing Jim Webb to the US Senate in 2006. She was also a member of City of Fairfax Democratic Committee, The Democratic Business Council of Northern Virginia (DemBiz), the Fairfax County Democratic Committee and other organizations like The Good Old Girls and the DPVA Women’s Caucus. Teddy was a fighter – small of stature – but candidates and elected officials listened to what she had to say and paid attention to the points she was not shy about making.

She led by example and she made an impact on many political outcomes here in the Commonwealth of Virginia and beyond. She leaves behind a son in Texas and a political legacy here in Virginia that we will not soon forget.

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