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Fall for the Book Festival at George Mason University

(Sept. 26, 2018) Catherine Read interviews Suzy Rigdon-Williams and Kara Oakleaf, professors at George Mason University (GMU), about the upcoming Fall for the Book Festival. This is the 20th anniversary of the four-day event, featuring over 150 authors.  It will run from October 11th-14th on the GMU campus. Planning for this event goes on all…

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Western Fairfax Christian Ministries with Rebecca Kolowe

(Sept. 19, 2018) Catherine Read interviews Rebecca Kolowe, Executive Director of Western Fairfax Christian Ministries (WFCM). WFCM provides compassionate, life essential services to reduce hunger and the risk of homelessness amongst vulnerable residents of Western Fairfax County. WFCM serves individuals and families of all ages, religions and nationalities from the communities of Chantilly, Centerville, Clifton,…

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Healwell Massage Therapy with Lauren Cates

(Sept. 12, 2018) Catherine Read sits down with Executive Director Lauren Cates of Healwell Massage Therapy. They are a nonprofit with the mission of providing exceptional and compassionate massage therapy in hospitals and other care settings to patients living with acute, chronic or terminal illness. Their therapists work in direct partnership with the medical teams…

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From Prison to Paralegal with Kelly Hebron, Esq.

(Sept. 10, 2018) Catherine Read interviews Kelly Hebron, Esq. founder of From Prison to Paralegal, a recidivism reduction program that offers incarcerated individuals a path to a professional career via training to become paralegals. There are many openings in this field, with a variety of jobs that are well paying and stable. This six week…

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Suicide Prevention with Leilani Tizon

(Sept. 5, 2018) Catherine Read sits down with suicide prevention advocate Leilani Tizon to discuss her work surrounding suicide prevention and awareness. Leilani’s brother Christopher committed suicide when she was in the sixth grade, and she has spent much of her young life working to help others who are plagued by this tragedy. September is…

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Virginians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty

(Sept. 3, 2018) Catherine Read sits down with Dale Brumfield, Field Director for Virginians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty (VADP). Dale took over this position last year, after authoring a book about the Virginia State Penitentiary System, and penning several opinion pieces on the topic for a variety of Virginia based news publications. As…

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