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Network NoVA with Stair Calhoun – Your Need to Know

(Dec 6, 2017) Catherine Read interviews Stair Calhoun, founding member Network NoVA. Dedicated to involving women in politics, Network NoVA was founded by Stair Calhoun, Katherine White and other activists who had participated in the Women’s March of January 2017. These grassroots activists organized women in support of Democratic candidates for the Virginia House of…

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Gun Violence Prevention – James Atwood – Andy Goddard

(May 2017) Catherine Read talks with Rev. James Atwood, author of the book Gundamentalism: And Where It Is Taking America, and a member of the Board of Directors of The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. Catherine is joined in the second half of this show by Andy Goddard, Legislative Director for The Virginia Center for Public Safety. In…

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Virginia’s School to Prison Pipeline

(April 18, 2016) Attorney and advocate Juliet Hiznay joins host Catherine Read for a discussion on Virginia’s status as #1 in the nation for juveniles referred to the criminal justice system. What has happened over the last several decades to bring us to a point where children as young as 8 are being charged with…

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Virginia Coalition for Racial Diversity in the Justice System

(Feb 29, 2016) Virginia is one of only a few states where legislators select judges. Across the Commonwealth there is a startling lack of diversity in judges. Those who sit on the bench do not represent the make-up of the communities where they preside. Joining Catherine Read to talk about the selection of judges in…

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