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Center to Champion Nursing in America – Inside Scoop

(Feb. 6, 2017) Catherine Read interviews Winifred V. Quinn, PhD, Director of Advocacy & Consumer Affairs for the Center to Champion Nursing in America. The CCNA is a collaborative effort of the AARP Foundation, AARP and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Dr. Quinn talks about the hurdles facing Certified Nurse Practitioners (CNPs) in providing healthcare…

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Nurses in the 21st Century – Melissa Batchelor-Murphy

(Dec. 12, 2016) Catherine Read discusses the changes in the nursing profession with Melissa Batchelor Murphy, PhD, RN-BC, FNP-BC. Since Florence Nightingale first introduced nursing as a profession in the 19th century, there has been a steady evolution around what it means to “practice nursing.” There is now a variety of educational pathways, degrees and…

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