Inside Amalfi – The Da Mimmo Tour

(September 2014) A wonderful trip to the Amalfi Coast with Da Mimmo Italian Tours. This tour is so unique:  it’s only twice a year in June/July and September. It’s a 10 day all inclusive tour put together by Mary Ann Cricchio, the proprietor of Da Mimmo Italian Restaurant in Baltimore, MD, and her Chef Masood Masoodi.

They are part time residents of the town of Maiori and have many established relationships with chefs, restaurants, hotels, merchants, small businesses and local transportation providers. It’s the very best “insider tour” of the Amalfi Coast with people who know it well and speak both English and Italian flawlessly. The tour is built around creating memorable experiences with food and wine in addition to seeing well known tourist sites like Pompeii, The Blue Grotto, Revello and Capri. The tour is limited to 20 people which makes for a surprisingly intimate group. After 10 days together, there is a camaraderie and friendship we didn’t expect and that is priceless! This is the first tour group we’ve ever joined and we know it is the exception and not the rule. We enjoyed every minute of it. More information can be found at or on Facebook.

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