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Skylar Johnson – Sew Fly Sky – Kitchen Table Conversations

(August 6, 2018) Catherine Read interviews 11-year-old fashion designer and entrepreneur Skylar Johnson.  Skylar recently designed and stitched an outfit for Phyllis Randall, Chairman of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, to wear at her annual State of the County address. Skylar has been hard at work learning how to sew and design clothing starting…

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Joyce Connery – Surviving Breast Cancer – Kitchen Table Conversations

(July 6, 2018) Catherine Read sits down with Joyce Connery on Kitchen Table Conversations for a candid discussion about surviving breast cancer. Ten years after her diagnosis, Joyce shares insights and observations about being both a cancer patient and a survivor. Joyce received her diagnosis in 2006, when she was only 36 years old. At…

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The Pajama Program – Karen Duffy, Virginia Chapter President

(June 3, 2016) Catherine Read, host of Kitchen Table Conversations, sits down with Karen Duffy, who runs the Virginia Chapter of the Pajama Program. This program ensures that all children, no matter where they are living or what their income level, have a cozy set of pajamas and a book to read before they go…


Rachna Heizer – Kitchen Table Conversations

(May 1, 2018) Catherine Read speaks with Rachna Sizemore Heizer about her son, Jake Sizemore, who is a local musician with special needs. Rachna speaks with Catherine about her journey as a parent navigating the system with a child with an autism diagnosis, and how she learned to focus on Jake’s abilities, instead of his…

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