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AARP – We Want to Know – Voter Engagement Program

(Oct. 11, 2017) Catherine Read talks with AARP Community Ambassador Berniece Courtenay about a new program called “We Want to Know” which was created to foster greater voter engagement. Virginia is one of only two states with an off-year Governor’s race in 2017. Along with Lt. Governor and Attorney General, there are also 100 seats…

Ripped from the Headlines – Twitter

I was still quite surprised to see it jump off the headlines of The Washington Times this morning when I stopped to get coffee: “Palin fires back at critics on Twitter.” The Times is a very conservative newspaper by Washington standards, and to have that screaming from beneath their masthead gave me a jolt. My mind registered “Twitter” but took a minute to orient where I was seeing it – in this very unexpected context.

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